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Zefiro Memory Pillow

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Zefiro - born of a cool Italian spring Breeze.

The spring system comprises 60 pocketed coils which provide interactive, adaptive support. Whether you sleep on your side, on your back or front, the interactive springs will adapt to your sleep position to provide optimal head support, and ensuring the ideal spine alignment.

The pocketed coil module also provides an air reservoir that is activated every time you move, causing a pressure change, so that heat and moisture are expelled and fresh, cool air is drawn in, creating a controlled microclimate.

The spring system is highly resilient and will maintain shape and comfort for far longer than a conventional pillow and comes with Protect-A-Bed's 5 year product guarantee.

The memory foam pillow comes with a viscose cover and has 2000 holes castellated into the foam to create a holistic ventilation system.

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The Miracle Membrane is flexible, silent and thin, while providing effective top surface waterproof mattress protection. Blocks dust mites, allergens, liquids and sweat from penetrating the bed.

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