Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Home

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Spring is a great time to throw open the windows and get rid of any built-up grime that may have accumulated over the winter season. If you are planning on tackling a deep clean in your home, check out our list of handy tips to help you make the most of your efforts!


  • Top down
    Remember to clean from the top of the room, downwards, as this is the most efficient way to remove dust and dirt.

  • Remove rugs
    Take any rugs outside and give them a good beating! They may have collected a lot of dirt from tracked in mud as well as stale smells, so let them air in the sunshine after you have shaken out as much dirt as you can.

  • Hire/borrow a carpet cleaner
    If you have carpets, now’s the time to deep clean them with a carpet shampoo and cleaner. Open the windows to speed up the drying process, which can take over a day. 

  • Don’t forget the hard floors
    To protect your floors for another year, apply wax or a sealer to hard flooring which will help them stay shiner for longer.

  • Tackle cabinet doors
    Sometimes the kitchen cabinets can get overlooked. This means that grease from cooking builds up on the doors, which is tricky to remove.  Consider getting a specific cabinet cleaner, which will not only remove the grime but leave the cabinets polished.

  • Clean the windows
    You may be lucky enough to have a window cleaner who cleans the outside of the windows, but don’t forget that dirt can build up on the inside of them too. Clean on a cloudy day so that the sun doesn’t leave smears on the windows.

  • Appliances
    Whether you live in a hard water area or not, all appliances benefit from the occasional deep clean. Run a descaling cleaner through the washing machine, dishwasher, iron and kettle to keep them working properly. Deep clean the oven, hob and microwave to remove any built-up grime. Pull everything out of the fridge and wash with warm soapy water, also de-frost the freezer to get it ready for a summer of ice cubes.

  • Wardrobe woes
    If you’re anything like us, opening the wardrobe can be a depressing experience. Shake it up by removing everything from the closet, pack away any winter clothes which you know you won’t wear until next season and organise everything that’s left to make your morning routine easier.

  • Wash bedding
    Now the sun has come out again it’s much easier to wash and dry duvets and pillows. It’s also a good idea to hoover the mattress, which you can spritz afterwards with a home-made disinfectant spray.

  • Organise that bookshelf
    Take everything off the shelves and donate or sell anything you no longer need. Re-organise your bookshelf by title, subject or author and lightly dust them before putting back on the shelf.


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