The Importance of Mattress Protectors

People often think that mattress protectors are just for children who wet the bed – but this is not the case! A quality mattress protector is possibly the most important investment you can make for your bed, certainly not an investment you would later regret. We take a lokk at some of the reasons why mattress protectors are so important;



Firstly, if you have spent a small fortune on your dream bed, your top priority should be to protect the warranty on the mattress. While you can claim for mattress sag, broken coils and ripped seams, your claim will usually be invalid if there is a stain or mark anywhere on the mattress. So, to avoid any potential issues in the future, it’s a great idea to invest in a protector to prevent any possibility of marking the mattress. 



Think of your mattress as a sponge, over time the quality of it will wear down as it soaks up more and more moisture from its occupants. Our bodies secrete perspiration, oils and skin cells during the night which have collectively an impact on the comfort life of the mattress over the course of a few years.



With incontinence affecting more than 200million people worldwide, it is likely that you or someone you know could suffer with this issue at some point or another. As they say, prevention is better than cure so making your investment now will help you to avoid any issue down the line.



22% of people in the UK now rent from landlords, which means more people are living in pre-furnished properties. It is anyone’s guess how many people may have used the bed previously, so investing in a mattress protector will help give you peace of mind. 



Using a top-quality mattress protector will help prevent any flare ups from dust mite allergies. Dead skin cells collect in the mattress and these are considered dinner by dust mites, so creating a washable barrier between you and the mattress will stop skin cells accumulating in the bed.


Bed Bugs

Ah, the dreaded bed bugs! Mattress protectors and encasements, are hugely effective at preventing bed bugs from burrowing into your mattress. If you have any concerns that bed bugs might be moving in to your house, investing in a mattress encasement is the best way to stop them entering the mattress therefore reducing the chance that you will have to replace it. 


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