Science Takes a Step Closer to Curing Eczema

Until recently, medical practitioners have treated eczema outbreaks with topical creams and steroids, which have their own side effects. However, scientists at the University of Dundee have found that eczema is caused by a lack of skin protein known as filaggrin.

This key research shows that when the body is deficient in filaggrin, it can directly impact on the barrier function of the skin which means eczema is more likely to occur. Now that scientists know what causes the condition, it means they are more likely to be able to find a cure for it rather than continuing to treat the symptoms alone.

In the meantime, taking steps to manage eczema is the best way to help prevent outbreaks. Regularly moisturising the skin, understanding what triggers your flare ups and managing changes in temperature and humidity in your environment should all prevent skin from becoming too dry. Wearing cotton and sleeping on mattress protectors which are specifically designed to allow air to pass freely will also help to minimise outbreaks.

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