REM-Fit Arrives in the UK

The REM-Fit Sleep 400 mattress is seriously advanced. It combines a hybrid cooling gel system with Mediflex memory foam and one thousand high pocket springs, creating a beautifully soft but firm sleep surface. Encased in a Re-Ax breathable cover with edge-to-edge support, which provides a consistent tension across the mattress. As if that wasn’t enough, this comes with a free sleep monitor, which accurately measures heart rate, respiratory rate and movement during the night to give you a detailed insight into the quality of your sleep. Currently available with £50 off using the promo code REM50, the feedback for this mattress so far has been 5 Star.




The REM-Fit Sleep Monitor is perfect for anyone who needs a better insight into their sleep. This is a non-wearable monitor which lays discreetly under the bedsheet to collect data on your heart, respiratory rates and motion. This data is sent to an app on your smartphone which provides detailed feedback along with sleep advice and tips on how you can improve your rest. If you can measure it, you can improve it.



Also available is the REM-Fit Active 100 Tracker which allows you to monitor your sleep and day time performances. Collecting detailed data on distance travelled, calories burned and sleep activity, the tracker is perfect for those looking for ways to improve their exercise and rest.


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