Organising Your Linen Cupboard

Dedicate shelves

Make sure you have at least one shelf for towels and one shelf for bedding, this will help to keep everything separate and easy to manage.



Take everything out of the cupboard and evaluate its usefulness. Do you really need 30 pillowcases? When was the last time you used the gigantic beach towel which takes up so much space? Create a bag for the charity shop and donate anything you no longer use or need, or recycle sheets and towels by creating rag rugs or patchworks from them.


Learn how to fold towels….

This might sound a bit odd, but if you learn how to fold towels and bedding in such a way that saves space, you can create more room in your cupboard for the air to flow, which will prevent your linen from smelling stuffy.


Create air flow

Making sure there is enough room for air to flow will keep your linen smelling s=fresher for longer. Using fabric bags, mesh shelving and wicker baskets will help with increasing ventilation.


Use aromatherapy

Line the shelves with scented drawer liners and hang fragrance sachets to improve the smell of your clean linen. Spritz bedding and towels with linen water before ironing to lock in the scents.


Maximise space

If you are tight on room, hang rails to the back of the cupboard doors to hang towels and bedding.  Invest in dedicated drawers and bags to keep your cupboard organised.


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