How to Banish Fleas from The Home

If you do not have any pets, fleas may have made their way in via pests in the walls, ceiling or attic of your home. The first step in preventing them from coming into the house is to seal up any cracks or holes to keep them out.

Fleas usually measure around 2.5mm long, are reddish brown in colour and move around by jumping due to their lack of wings. While the adults are easy to spot, the eggs, larvae, and pupae are much smaller and difficult to see with the naked eye. They usually fall off the mammal and end up in floorboard cracks, carpet piles, bedding, and on furniture. Once the eggs have landed, they usually hatch into larvae within 2 days. The larvae then spin pupal cocoons between 5-20 days after hatching, after which they emerge as a fully developed adult flea. The pupae can extend the amount of time it spends in the cocoon if it senses that the conditions are not favourable to the adult flea’s survival. It can end up spending months in the cocoon before hatching.

 Signs of a Flea Infestation:

  • Pet is excessively scratching, itching, and grooming
  • Small, red, itchy bites appear on your skin
  • You can see fleas jumping around on your pet or furniture
  • Flea faeces, which resembles ground black pepper, can be seen on pet bedding or flooring


Once you have identified whether you are dealing with fleas, the next step is to remove them from your house. The most effective ways are:


  1. Using Pest Control Services
    An expensive but effective solution is to request the assistance of local pest control services.  They can help to deal with any extensive infestations, though they cannot protect against any further incidents.

  2. Investing in a Flea Spray
    There are plenty of flea sprays available online and in specialist stores which can be used on both the pet and furniture. Killing fleas and eggs on contact, these sprays are a good way to make sure you have eradicated the pests in your home.

  3. Flea Tablet for Your Pet
    Always use a vet recommended flea tablet in conjunction with other flea removal techniques. The fleas usually fall off the pet and die within 30 minutes of ingestion, though they do not kill eggs and only last for one day.

  4. Hoovering
    Regular hoovering will help to eradicate eggs and larvae which are hidden in floorboards and carpets. Always empty the bag immediately after finishing to reduce the risk of re-infestation.


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