Back to School Routines

Going back to school after a great summer holiday can be a bit daunting for both kids and parents. But with the right routine you can help your child feel fully rested and energised for the weeks ahead.

• Sleep Schedule

Draw up a sleep schedule which ensures your child gets the right amount of sleep. Check out this chart ( which is a great guide for how much sleep they should be getting for their age.

• Bath time

Make sure bath times are quiet and relaxed. Add bubbles and lavender essential oils to the bath water, play some relaxing music, heat their PJs on the radiator for a snuggly treat.

• Limit TV

TV stimulates the brain and keeps your child alert and awake. Introduce a TV cut-off time, at least half an hour before your child goes to bed, to ensure they have enough time to wind down.

• Eat early

By eating the evening meal a few hours before bed time, you can be sure that their tummies won’t be working overtime during the night to digest it all. This can lead to sluggishness the next day, so try to keep meal times nice and early.

• Rearrange their bedroom

Having a good sleep environment is key to feeling rested the next day. Make sure your child’s bedroom is the right temperature, that the lights are not too bright, and that their bed is super comfortable.

• Storytime

Reading a chapter a night is a great way to unwind and relax the mind before sleep. Choose a book to read together, or encourage your child to read by themselves.

If your child is fully grown and has flown away to university, you might want to think about getting them a mattress protector for their student digs.

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