8 Weird Mattress Facts

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We will all use mattresses for a huge portion of our lives, but how much do we really know about them? Here are some weird facts you might now have come across before:

1. Leaving your bed unmade may actually be healthier. A study by Kingston University found that leaving sheets and mattresses exposed to the air and sunlight helps to dry out the environment which houses mites.

2. The world’s largest mattress is over 86ft long The enormous record-breaking bed was constructed by Commissie Zomerfeesten St Gregorius Hertme, from the Netherlands, in May 2011.

3. The world’s most expensive bed costs over $6.3million The Baldacchino Supreme is made from 24k pure gold, ash and chestnut woods along with a glass canopy and will set you back a whopping $6.3million!

4. Worcester is home to a haunted mattress In 2011 a man named Kevin Cartwright reported that his mattress was possessed and keeping him awake at night. He sought help from paranormal investigators however no further activity was reported.

5. Magnetic floating mattresses are now a thing Float your way to sleep with the power of magnets to support you while you rest. For the ultimate in futuristic luxury, you can buy a floating mattress bed for $1.6million.

6. There were twenty mattresses and twenty down beds in the Princess and the Pea Hans Christian Anderson also treated this story as a real one, by way of an ending he states that the pea was put into a museum where it can still be viewed.

7. The futon mattress was invented by the Japanese, but the first futon sofa bed was created in Cambridge Due to limited space to live, work and eat, Japanese invented the futon mattress, which could be easily stored away. Then in 1982 William Brouwer created the world’s first futon sofa bed after spending time studying design in Japan.

8. You can get a wearable mattress If you are the type to snooze at random moments, this wearable mattress might be the answer for you! With an inflatable air mat and built in “sleep suit” you should be able to get forty winks in the office, as well as a few funny looks!

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