6 Tips for Managing Autumn Allergies

Autumn is upon us and this can mean a whole host of issues for those who suffer with allergies. Taking adequate steps now should help to alleviate some of the symptoms as the season goes on, so to get you through the sniffle season we have put together 5 tips to manage autumn allergies.

1. Dehumidifier

The more humid your environment, the more likely dust and mould will flourish which can cause havoc with skin and respiratory allergies. Investing in a dehumidifier helps to reduce symptoms and keep your environment free from allergens.

2. Check pollen levels

Get into the habit of checking the pollen count for your local area so that you can avoid being outside for extended periods of time when it looks as though the count will be high.

3. Dry clothes inside

Hanging clothes to dry outside can mean they get covered in pollen as they act like a magnet for allergens. Using a clothes horse inside will keep your clothes and bedding free from any unwanted extras.

4. Wash pets

Cats and dogs can pick up a huge amount of pollen on their fur while they are out and about. Wipe their paws and bodies with a damp sponge when they come into the house and bath them regularly.

5. Keep clean

Keeping yourself clean is also important! Regular showers will wash off any allergens and keep your skin free from reactions.

6. Allergy kit

If you find your allergies are affecting your sleep, invest in an allergy kit for your bedroom. These kits are great as they act as a barrier for allergens, dust mites, pet dander, pollen and mould and are certified by the Entomology Laboratory to be completely bed bug, so you can sleep soundly in the knowledge that you are allergy free! Our kits are also machine washable, breathable and extremely comfortable to sleep on. http://www.protectabed.co.uk/allergy-kit.html